Access to Cruise of YOKOSUKA Naval Port

Apprx. 5 mins walk from Shioiri stn. (Keikyu Line)
Apprx. 15 mins walk from Yokosuka Stn. (JR Yokosuka Line)

Parking available for up to roughly 100 car spaces.

Address: Kanagawa-ken, Yokosuka-shi, Honcho 2-1-12

In case of using GPS Navigation system, please be sure to input our address (Kanagawa-ken, Yokosuka-shi, Honcho 2-1-12) for destination instead of our reservation phone number. If you use the phone number, you may be directed to wrong place.


  • 5 mins walk from Shioiri Stn. (Keikyu Line) <About 30 mins from Yokohama Stn, Get on a Rapid Limited Express train and change to local train at Kanazawa Hakkei stn.> OR
  • 15 mins walk from Yokosuka stn. (JR Yokosuka Line) <About 45 mins from Yokohama Stn.: Get directly to Yokosuka Stn. or change at Zushi Stn.>

The walking route from Shioiri stn. (Keikyu Line) to our Shioiri TerminalThe view of the route may look different if there’s any constructions in between. Please be sure to follow the guidance of the traffic organizing person.

1. Get off at Shioiri Station. (Keikyu Line)

Walk to the right when you exit the ticket gate. (Shioiri station only holds one ticket gate.)

2. Overpass

Enter the overpass from the side of tall building. (Mercure Hotel Yokosuka)

3. Former Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka

Walk toward the building that used to be Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka. (See pic.)

4. Left at the front of the building.

Turn left at the front of the building. (Former Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka is currently under construction.)

5. Walk down the stairs toward the ocean.

Walk down the stairs toward the ocean, if you see Starbucks Coffee shop in front you’re almost there!

6. Arrival at Shioiri Terminal

Turn right at Starbucks and go down the street, you will see Shioiri Terminal on your right side!

By Car or Bus

By Car

Apprx. 10 mins from Yokosuka Exit from Yokohama Yokosuka Toll Road via “Honcho Yamanaka Toll Road”. (Parking at Former Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka is available for our cruise guests.)
Address: Kanagawa-ken, Yokosuka-shi, Honcho 2-1-12, Postal Code 238-0001

  • ※In case of using GPS navigation system, please enter the address above for destination setting not our reservation phone number. Destination by phone number will take you to wrong location.
  • ※The parking lot may be crowded during the weekends and holidays, please plan accordingly.

By Bus

Large buses can be parked at Verny Park Parking Lot near Shioiri Terminal. Please call 046-828-5833 for enquiries and advance bookings.(Currently Japanese only)

About Shioiri Terminal

We welcome

Main terminal for YOKOSUKA Naval Port Tour

YOKOSUKA Naval Port Tour Shioiri Terminal is located at oceanside ground floor of former Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka. Please come visit us not only to purchase boarding tickets but also get various Yokosuka City information, purchase souvenirs only available here, or just to relax and rest!

Accurately reproduced EM Club

A Non-commissioned Officer’s Mess (aka EM Club, Enlisted Men’s Club) was once located in front of Shioiri station. (Currently where Mercure Hotel Yokosuka is) Our Shioiri Termianl is accurately reproduced the interior of the EM club to give the historic atmosphere of good ‘n old Yokosuka.

Original souvenir of Cruise of YOKOSUKA Naval Port

We have many original souvenir items such as “Cruise of YOKOSUKA Naval Port Rice Crackers”, “JSMDF Shochu”, “Dry Dock Beer”, and “Submarine pen” available to purchase here at Shioiri Terminal. Come shop with us before and after the cruise!