Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have a reservation….

Where do I buy tickets? When should I buy them?
Tickets can be purchased at Shioiri Terminal near Shioiri Pier.
Sales starts from 10AM each day. (If we decide to operate 10AM cruise, sales start at 9AM.)
We do not sell tickets in advance, only reservation can be made prior to the day of the cruise. Only same day cruise tickets can be purchased at the terminal.
Best time to arrive at the terminal?
If you have a reservation, we recommend to arrive at least 15 mins before the departure.

Walk-up Tickets

Can we buy tickets without reservations?
We update the the walk-up tickets availability on our Try-angle Official Twitter Account (Currently Japanese only) after 8:15AM daily. (Walk-up tickets are ones can be purchased without reservations.)
Also on our Try-angle website it will be stated under “Today’s Service Status” (Information can be read without signing up for Twitter Account)
  • * Number of walk-up tickets sales decision will be made in the morning daily. Please note we may not have any walk-up tickets available on some days depending on the weather.
  • * 120 tickets which is the capacity of 1st floor deck seats can be reserved in advance. 1st floor indoor deck can be seated in rain or shine. The additional 100 tickets per each cruise which is the capacity of 2nd floor outdoor deck will be sold in under the fine weather. (Tickets will not be sold with strong gust of wind, even the weather seems fine.)
How do I buy walk-up tickets?
Method of walk-up tickets purchase will be announced also on Twitter, along with number of available tickets. We usually sell at Shioiri Terminal if only few tickets available, we will have reservation phone number listed if we have large number of tickets available to purchase.
* Walk-up tickets for the day of the purchase will be sold from 10AM daily. (9AM if there will be 10AM cruise.)


When do I pay?
No payment necessary at the point of reservation, please pay for the tickets when picking them up before the cruise. Please provide the reservation number or the name reserved under at the ticket counter.
Do you accept a Credit Card?
Yes, we accept following credit cards; VIZA / Rakuten.
  • ※ PASMO / Suica are unavailable.

After Onboarding

Is a seat a reserved seat?
No, seat locations are not reserved. Customers will start boarding from the first person in wait line, regardless of the reservation number. Please note on busy days not everyone will get seats.
  • * Our maximum capacity is 230 people, on the other hand 126 seats are available on 1st floor deck and 48 seats on 2nd, total of 176 seats available.


How many people will be onboard?
Due to our ship “Sea Friend 7”s structure, we can accept 230 people max under fair weather, and 130 people when it’s raining. Within that number, 120 people can reserve the tickets in advance.
Counldn’t make my reservation because the cruise I wanted to go was already full. Is there a waiting list?
No we do not offer waiting list. In case of cancellation we will update the reservation website immediately, so please check back often.
Do you have a senior discount?
Unfortunately, we do not offer senior discount.
I want to give the tickets as a gift. Can I pay in advance?
“Cruise of YOKOSUKA Naval Port PREMIUM TICKET” is available and will be a perfect gift for your friends and family. The ticket is valid for one year from the next day of purchase. Ticket is 10% cheaper than the regular boarding ticket, and can only be purchased at Shioiri Terminal. (No online sales.)
From when will the cancellation fee applied?
We do not charge any fee for individual customers cancellation. However we often get many customers waiting for tickets, please call (046-825-7144) at least 24 hr in advance for cancellation.
I can’t make it in time, so I want to change the time.
If we still have plenty walk-up tickets available, or haven’t met the capacity limit, we will try to meet your needs as much as we could. If there’s only few tickets left, we will not take reservations or phone purchases so please come to the ticket counter at Shioiri Terminal to find the availability.
  • * Walk-up tickets inquiry number (046-827-6616) is different from the reservation line. To prevent the phone line gets too busy, please call 046-825-7144 for all inquiries except walk-up tickets.
Cancellation, and decrease of reserved number: 046-825-7144.
Time/ Date change, increase of reserved number: 046-827-6616.

Cruise Operations

When time does the ship leave, and how long is the cruise?
The cruise operates daily unless notified otherwise, the ship leaves at 10AM, 11AM, 12PM, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM and 4PM..
Blue: Operates Daily, Red: Temporary operation usually during Golden Week (Japanese consecutive holidays in May), high season in summer and also some busy days.* 
10AM operation is offered every weekends and holidays regardless of the season.

The whole cruise takes approximately 45 mins.
Is the cruise offered everyday? What if it’s raining?
We do offer the cruise daily even in rain. 2nd floor outdoor deck area may not be available depending on the weather. The operation may be cancelled in case of strong winds and the adverse condition of the port.
Is the cruise operating today?
Please check “Operation Status” displayed on the top of every page. (Earliest information of the day will be delivered around 8:15AM.)
Can I appoint a specific navigator?
Unfortunately we do not accept any appointment by name. (including the charter service) The only way to find who will be navigating is to come onboard the ship.
Are there any age restrictions?
We do not have any age restrictions however, please keep in mind a child in any age is still considered one passenger. Please be sure to include all children when making reservations.
Is the guidance only in Japanese?
Yes we currently only offer Japanese guidance.
Do you sell anything onboard?
No. Please come shop at Shioiri Terminal before and after the cruise for snacks, drinks and souvenirs.
Can I use a parasol or umbrella?
Usage of umbrella is prohibited onboard for the safety reason.
Is eating or drinking ok onboard? I had few alcoholic drinks beforehand can I still come onboard?
Eating and drinking is allowed but please keep it in the manner of not causing any troubles to other customers. As for the alcoholic beverages, few drinks are perfectly fine. However in any case if crew notices a customer clearly not in condition to enjoy the cruise without causing trouble, the crew will kindly ask to leave the ship.
Can I get onboard with a baby stroller?
Coming onboard with a stroller is welcome. We also offer storage service at Shioiri Terminal.
Can I take a picture? Can I bring in a tripod?
Photo shooting and tripods are all welcome. Please be sure to keep clear of the aisle and not to disturb other customers.
Can I smoke?
No smoking is allowed on the ship, or at Shioiri Terminal. Please ask for designated smoking area.
Are pets allowed if I keep them in cage?
Which side should I sit to get better view?
Because view of the ships changes daily and we will come back where it started, both sides can get great view. Please feel free to move the seats during the cruise.
Will you go by near other ships?
We may pass by other vessels sometimes but it is our duty and top priority to operate safely by keeping safe distance from other vessels.


Is there a parking lot? How much is parking?
There is a parking lot for nearly 100 car spaces available in same building as Shioiri Terminal. (former Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka) Parking discount is available when you purchase tickets and souvenirs. (Free 2hr parking with 1,000yen or more purchase on weekdays, or free 1hr parking with 1,000 yen or more purchase on weekends and holidays.)


I think I left something on the ship.
Please call TRYANGLE Reservation Center (046-825-7144) and tell us your cruise date and time. In case if the item needs to be mailed, shipping fee will need to be paid by the customer.