FAQ Sarushima, uninhabited island

What can you do in Sarushima?
There are former Japanese Army artillery and fortress marks, and the whole of Sarushima is designated as a “National Historic Site”. You can walk around these fortress areas. You can enjoy fishing and BBQ by watching the sea on the beach, and the island’s Take Out Restaurant “Sarushima Oceans Kitchen” all year round. You can also enjoy swimming in summer.
I would like to make a reservation for boarding, what should I do?
Regarding the Sarushima route, you can not make reservations for boarding. On the day, you will purchase day tickets and wait for boarding in a queue.
Are pets allowed if they are in gauges?
According to the regulations of Yokosuka City, pets other than service dogs and guide dogs can not enter Sarushima even if they are put in a gauge. Also, pets can not get on the ship.
Please let me know your service schedule.
We operate everyday from March to November, and only on weekends and public holidays from December to February. Please click here for the timetable (link to the timetable page). In addition, we may operate extra services due to season with many customer. Please note that you get on the ship after wating in a queue at Mikasa Sanbashi. Also, you can not decide the service in advance.
When and where do I buy tickets?
You can purchase a ticket for the Sarushima route at the ticket office near Mikasa Sanbashi. It may be crowded immediately before the time of departure, so please buy early. In addition, please allow time to wait for boarding.
Can I use a credit card?
You can use “PayPay” at the Sarushima route ticket office, Sarushima Oceans Kitchen, Sarushima Rental Shop, and Sarushima Shop. Credit cards can be used if they have been registered with PayPay in advance. Please click here for details.
I’m worried about seasickness, how long does the journey take?
The journey between Mikasa to Sarushima takes about 10-15 minutes. if you are concerned or prone to sickness, it is recommended that you take medication to prevent seasickness.
I will go there by car, is there a parking lot?
There are some pay lots for parking near Mikasa Sanbashi. * There is no discount in parking lots if you buy a boarding ticket.
I forgot to get a receipt.
We will be able to issue a receipt if you send the stub of the boarding day ticket only for the Sarushima route (address: Yokosuka Heim 201, 28-1, Ogawa-cho, Yokosuka-shi, Name: Triangle Co., Ltd.).
In addition, receipts for the Sarushima Rental Shop, Sarushima Shop or Sarushima Oceans Kitchen can be can not reissued. So, if you need a receipt, please receive it on the spot.
Do you have a nursing room?
You can breast-feed in the “administrator room” on the 2nd floor of the Sarushima Administration Building. Please inform the staff on the island when using the service.
Do you have a restroom?
Yes, there are restrooms in only one site on the island (2 private rooms for men and 4 private rooms for women). Temporary toilets will be added during busy times.
In addition, the toilet of Sarushima is an eco-toilet, so it does not use water and electricity. It cleanses the urine cleanly and then it reuses the clear water through the soil processing circulation system, refilling the toilet bowl. Therefore, the transparency of the water may be low.
Do you have a water supply?
There is no water supply in Sarushima. You cannot drink the water, as the bathroom toilet and shower (summer) use rainwater. Bring your own drinking water, or buy water (pet bottles) sold at the shop on the island.
Is there a place where you can leave luggage such as suitcases …
There are lockers on the island. For details, please click here
Does the service operate today? Does the service operate on rainy days?
Please check the “Service information” at the top of “TRYANGLE WEB” (updated after 8:30 every day). It will operate even on rainy days, but may be canceled if the wind is strong.
Is there a discount for elderly people?
No, we do not offer a discount.
Can I board with a buggy?
You can board with a buggy.
I would like to buy a ticket as a present for a friend. Can I buy it in advance?
Please buy “Sarushima Channel Premium Ticket”. You can use it for one year from the day of the purchase. The price usually has a 10% discount on the boarding fee. It is sold only at the Sarushima route ticket office (it is not for sale on the Internet). In addition, admission fee will only be paid in cash on the day.
Can I smoke?
There is no smoking around Mikasa Sanbashi and on the ship. On the island of Sarushima, smoking(including electronic cigarette) is prohibited except for designated smoking areas.
I left something behind on the Island.
Please contact the TRYANGLE Reservation Center (046-825-7144). We will check if you tell about “Boarding day” “The service number for boarding” etc. Please note that if we send the item, you have to pay for delivery.
I’m a fishing beginner, is there anyone who teach me?
If you can rent a fishing set (2000 yen, 2300 yen from December to February), We will give you a flyer that describes how to make the fishing set and the links to videos.
I would like to go to Sarushima by bicycle …
I’m sorry, you are not allowed to go there by bicycle. For bicycles, please use the bicycle parking lot in Mikasa Park.
Can I swim in the sea? When is it available?
From around the beginning of July to the end of August is the swimming period. You are not allowed to swim at any other time.
Can I fly a drone?
Flying drones on the island is prohibited.
How long does it take to walk around the island?
It takes about 60 minutes around the island even if you walk slowly. If you want to observe, take about 90 to 120 minutes.
Is there a shade on the island?
There is nothing to block the sun near the beach. The Multipurpose Hall in the administration building is freely accessible.
Is there a place to eat lunch boxes?
You can eat on Wood Deck Benches facing the beach, the Multipurpose Hall in the administration building, or the sandy beach. Be careful with kites when eating lunch outdoors.
If I put my luggage on the cart, can I board with the cart?
You can board with the cart on the ship, but please note that the width must be 110 cm and the height must be 170 cm or less due to the entrance of the ship.
What is the capacity of the ship?
For the Sarushima route, “Sea Friend Zero” has a maximum of 236 people and “Sea Friend 1” has a maximum of 150 people.
Is it crowded?
It varies depending on the season and the weather, but “GW” and “Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays in summer may be crowded. Please come here in good time.)。
I would like to cosplay.
It is possible to take photo for cosplay, etc. within your interest. There is no changing room, so we recommend you bring a tent. In addition, permission of photography is not required unless it is for commercial use (if it bothers other visitors, it may be canceled immediately). However, a photo session inviting participants is prohibited. In addition, many people that occupy a part of the park for photography is prohibited by the regulations of Yokosuka City (There are visitors who apply for permission in advance, but permission is unnecessary if it is not for commercial use).
I would like to use a tent, is it possible?
According to “Sarushima Park Management Guidelines” of Yokosuka City, the installation of tents is prohibited except when you do not fix it on the ground with pegs and it does not bother other visitors. In addition, use of all the tents is prohibited at the time of strong wind.
I would like to rent BBQ equipment. How do I make a reservation?
You can make a reservation from here.
I would like to bring a dolphin-shaped swimming ring.
Please refrain from boarding if swimming ring is full with air. Please inflate it on the beach when using it, and on return please deflate it and board.
Can I use a snorkel?
It can be used only in the beach only when the beach is open (from early July to the end of August). At any other times, swimming and snorkeling are prohibited except at the beach.
Can I camp in Sarushima?
You cannot stay at Sarushima. Please note that you have to leave on the last service.
I will get to the pier a little late, can you wait a minute?
No, I’m sorry, We do not delay the departure of the ship.
Please let me know the opening hours of the BBQ rental shop.
It is open every day (from 9:00 to 15:30 <Opening hour is subjected to change in busy times.>) from March to November, and from December to February it is open only on weekends and public holidays (10:00 to 15:00).